How Do I Make Mushroom Tea?

Mushroom Tea is available in many different varieties. Some people use mixtures of Reishi & Cordyceps mushrooms to boost their energy levels, bringing mental clarity & physical endurance.

If you want to enhance the flavor of your tea, add other tea additives. Pre-made tea packets are a great way to save time.

How to Make Mushroom Drink

This mushroom tea provides a fast-acting psilocybin experience, with less stomach discomfort. It’s easy to make psilocybin mushroom tea. Just follow our guide on how to do it right!

It is important to clean and prepare your mushrooms before making a brew. This step can be especially important when it comes to psilocybin. These mushrooms should be cleaned and brushed before they are ground into powder.

Once the mushrooms have been prepared properly, the next thing to do is heat the water. You’ll require a pot or kettle large enough to contain your amount of water while also having on hand either a strainer or cheesecloth for straining purposes later.

Once your water comes to a rolling boil, add the psilocybin mushrooms. Add the mushrooms to the boiling water directly or using a tea strainer. This will depend on your desired strength. Typically, an eighth of one psilocybin psilocybin such as Panaeolus and Copelandia mushroom is enough for a cup.

As with other teas, mushroom tea lends itself well to customization by incorporating herbs or ingredients such as spices into it. Doing this allows you to customize the experience while covering up the earthy mushroom flavor – experiment until you find what best suits your palate – just be careful that anything containing caffeine does not interfere with its effects!

Once your mushrooms are steeped, you can strain out any excess liquid and enjoy your magical tea. Remember to drink responsibly. You may get a longer lasting experience than you would with traditional teas, and drinking the entire cup at once might be more effective.


The mushroom tea provides a great way to consume the mushrooms. It is a microdose and has all of the same benefits. This beverage can be made in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. You may add different types of mushrooms or blends for a more aromatic taste, or you may add flavors such as honey, ginger or berries for antioxidant power.

Start by boiling your desired water source – either in a pot, saucepan or kettle – before pouring it over ground or dried mushrooms to steep for approximately 20 minutes – adding tea bags can enhance its taste further if you wish! After 20 minutes, strain your tea and remove any remaining pieces.

After making your mushrooms tea, you can either drink it like any other cup or tea, or take a tiny sip to feel its unique effects. Although the results of mushrooms tea may vary from person to person, the effects are usually both relaxing and stimulating. Some people even experience visions.

Mushroom Tea is a delicious herbal infusion that has many advantages. Its versatility makes it more delicious than before. Some people enjoy mixing reishi mushrooms with cordyceps for its stimulating and soothing properties while the calming properties of reishi help balance this out. Others might add Lion’s Mane to boost energy and mood while boosting durability and steadiness. It is important to accurately measure the dosage when adding mushrooms to tea to avoid an overdose and negative side effects like nausea or dizziness. When measuring dosage make sure it accurately.


Mushroom tea is an infusion of one or more mushroom varieties infused into hot water, infusing their medicinal and nutritional properties into it for an intoxicating beverage that not only tastes good but supports overall wellness and health.

To get the best Mushroom Tea, choose a dried and powdered variety, which is safe for consumption, from an online retailer or local natural medicines shop. After you have chosen your mushroom, heat the water in a pot or kettle before pouring into a cup or glass for consumption. You can use cheesecloth or strainer to help with the straining process.

While any psilocybin mushroom can be used for tea, it’s essential that the amount you select based on your desired effects. For beginners, we recommend starting small. We suggest mixing one eighth of a mushroom in two cups of hot water.

Once you have added your mushroom to the water, it’s important to let it steep several minutes for the effects to begin. The amount of time depends on the type of mushroom and your tolerance level. Mixing will also ensure that all pieces of mushrooms dissolve into a uniform solution.

At this step, it’s possible to add other ingredients for added flavor – lemon peels, ginger or honey can help mask any earthy notes present in mushroom tea.

This method is less efficient. While it might provide quick relief, brewing mushroom tea yourself allows more control over both its quality and strength brew.


Even beginners can enjoy and benefit from brewing mushroom brew at home. From morning wake-ups to relaxing evening soaks, mushroom tea provides the ideal way to wake up or unwind!

mushroom brew is made by boiling water to the boiling point. This activates psilocybin in mushrooms, and allows for the proper infusion. Once it’s hot enough, pour the water over your mushrooms. Let it steep for 10-15 mins before straining and serving.

While mushroom chai can also be enjoyed without anything else, some people prefer to add additional ingredients or flavors to enhance the experience. Spices, herbal teas or natural sugars can be added. This helps masks the earthy taste and adds depth of flavor. Many find adding a splash of milk helps soften its harsher notes.

The second option for mushroom sachets preparation involves using pre-packaged sachets and bags. There are many different varieties of sachets, including green, rooibos, and chai, making it easy to brew mushroom chai at your home! Mushroom tea may be an option if time is a factor.

As a beginner to psychedelic mushrooms, it is wise to consult a qualified guide prior to attempting to brew your own tea from psilocybin-containing mushrooms in a sachet or bag. Furthermore, it is vitally important that all necessary safety precautions be observed when preparing and drinking mushroom tea in order to avoid any negative side effects; with careful preparation you could soon be on your way to enjoying delicious cup that can enhance both mental health and energy levels!

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